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Re: SSH Unexpectedly Not Prompting for Password

Hi Brandon,

Have you checked the "bear" a/c home dir as Harry suggested. Check
on bear's home dir.
If its not working try ssh with -v option to debug. It will show you from
which key it authenticates.

Pravesh Kumar

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 10:08 PM, Lucas, Brandon <Brandon Lucas sscgp com>wrote:

> Hi all -
> I have a question about SSH that I can't seem to figure out.  Here is the
> situation:
> 4 servers on RHEL 6.3
> One server has a local account ("teddy").  SSH key pairs have been set up
> between this "teddy" account and the other 3 servers on a different local
> account common to the other 3 servers ("bear"), but not present on the
> "teddy" server.  These 3 servers do not have a "teddy" account.
> Now, I am able to ssh without password between the 3 "bear" servers using
> the "bear" account without a password.  This behavior is undesired as it
> bypasses some key controls.
> I figure what must be happening here is that since the 3 "bear" servers
> have the same public key that points to the "teddy" server, they must be
> using that fourth server as some type of "witness" to verify the identity
> of the user making the ssh connection, bypassing the password for the
> "bear" account.  I have disabled AgentForwarding on all 4 servers in
> question, as well as X11Forwarding.  This has not helped.
> What is going on here and how do I avoid it?
> Brandon
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