Raid on a raid issue

Doll, Margaret Ann margaret_doll at
Thu Jul 24 15:53:13 UTC 2014

I created a system with three raids using the DELL configuration tools
prior to installation of the RedHat system, 6.5.  The system raid was
divided up into numerous partitions for the system and four large
partitions for users.  This system raid was a raid 0.

After the installation samba worked.  I could log into the system from
another subnet.

Then a user with su privileges, took the four large partitions on the
system raid and made them into another raid using mdadm --create and

Now the ssh connections from across the subnets time out.  Samba fails with
"NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED."  I can't even ping the system from across campus.

I have had to modify /etc/fstab so that the four original partitions do no
try to mount.  The raid composed of the four partitions mounts as

Is the ssh timeout problem, ping problem and samba problem all caused by
the raid on raid creation?  The timing of the creation of the new raid
indicates that it is.

Thanks for any input.

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