Raid on a raid issue

m.roth at m.roth at
Thu Jul 24 18:51:13 UTC 2014

Doll, Margaret Ann wrote:
> I created a system with three raids using the DELL configuration tools
> prior to installation of the RedHat system, 6.5.  The system raid was
> divided up into numerous partitions for the system and four large
> partitions for users.  This system raid was a raid 0.
> After the installation samba worked.  I could log into the system from
> another subnet.
> Then a user with su privileges, took the four large partitions on the
> system raid and made them into another raid using mdadm --create and
> mdadm--assemble.
> Now the ssh connections from across the subnets time out.  Samba fails
> with "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED."  I can't even ping the system from across
> campus.
> I have had to modify /etc/fstab so that the four original partitions do no
> try to mount.  The raid composed of the four partitions mounts as
> /dev/md127p1.
> Is the ssh timeout problem, ping problem and samba problem all caused by
> the raid on raid creation?  The timing of the creation of the new raid
> indicates that it is.
First of all, I'd take su away from the user, who doesn't know what
they're doing.

Next - and I'm *really* not strong on samba - I'd assume that the system
itself hasn't been reconfigured to (whatever word is used for a samba
export). The ID's changed, the UUID's changed, etc, etc. And, of course
any metadata on them is toast. I'm afraid you're going to have to recreate
them from scratch; anything on them... hope you've got backups.


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