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Re: A yum question

On 11/04/14 20:58, Paul Whitney wrote:
Does using the —downloadonly —downloaddir= option help test that?

Nope. And I tried yum update --disableexcludes --include=<package> and the former defeats the latter option.



On Nov 4, 2014, at 5:08 PM, m roth 5-cent us wrote:

m roth 5-cent us <mailto:m roth 5-cent us> wrote:
Hi, folks.

   Quiet on this list.... Here's a yum question. On some of my servers, in
he yum.conf, I've got excludes set up. Now, when I do a full update, on
the command line, I do a disableexcludes=all. The man page for yum says
my only options are all, main, or repo. One of the excludes, which is
on a few servers, I really don't ever want to update unless I do it
manually. The other excludes are for things like video drivers,
kernels, httpd... and those get updated after scheduling updates with
the system owners.

   I'm currently working on a script that would assure that the updates I
did earlier in the week, or the week before, are what would be updated
on the production machines, and *NOT* anything newer, so that prod
matches what's been tested in test.

   So, is there a way to override the excludes in yum.conf, *except* for
the one package that I don't want updated? I really don't want to do
rpm -qa | grep -v <package> > /tmp/current, then yum update $(cat
/tmp/current). I *support* I could do yum -n update | grep -v <package>
/tmp/update, and feed that to yum... but if there's a cleaner, more
elegant way to do it, I'd appreciate knowing it.

Following myself up, I finally remembered what I was trying to ask: if I say
yum update disableexcludes=all exclude=<package>
will that work, and let me update everything including the packages that
are excluded in yum.conf, but *not* the one package excluded on the
command line?


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