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Re: sed regular expression help

Another slash?

s/match regex/replace value/options


Also I didn't see anything underlined in your email. Need clarification on
what you are trying to remove, to fully assist.


On Thursday, May 21, 2015, Davis, Brent <Brent Davis sscgp com> wrote:

> I am still getting into regular expressions so I am still somewhat fresh,
> but I am stuck on a particular expression.  I use the regexr.com site,
> which is extremely helpful to test, and I have bounced off other forums but
> everything I try I can't get this expression to work.  For any seasoned
> people out there, this will probably be quick and dirty.
> I want to filter out the following characters underline: BEFORE.....:
> `date --date=2015-01-10 '+%D'`
> The expression I have built is sed -e "/\'\W%D\'\`/g".  I get no errors
> or anything, but my output still has the characters in underline.  I have
> tried sed -e "/[']\W%D['][`]/g", still the same thing.  No errors but the
> characters are still there.  Like I said, I tested this on regexr.com,
> and either works no problem.  Any ideas out there?
> Thanks
> Brent
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Joshua Gimer



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