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Re: Increasing number of allocated file handles

redhat-sysadmin-list redhat com writes:
># cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
>39937   19888  131072
>|	 |       |
>|	 |       |
>|      |       maximum open file descriptors
>|      total free allocated file descriptors
>total allocated file descriptors
>(the number of file descriptors allocated since boot)

Just for some clarification. I have 2 different methods of reading this file.  One is the method above, the other is as

Column 1: Total allocated file handles
Column 2: Currently used file handles
Column 3: Maximum file handles that can be allocated

As seen, Columns 1&3 are the same, but the second is the opposite.  Is the method use to read this file dependant on
the RedHat version, if so. We are using RHEL 2.1AS with kernel 2.4.32


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