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Re: No email from Cron Jobs

It's odd that it happened on both servers at the same time.

You can check the log file for some clues to whether the mail was sent at the proper time. /var/log/maillog

Issue the 'mailq' command to see if the que is empty. If you get a list of waiting mail, restart sendmail and see if it's delivered.

The problem could be caused by either cron, or sendmail.

I don't know what the TTY log file is.

Florez, Nestor wrote:
Hi people,

Until august 28^th I was getting email messages every time a cron job was completed

On 2 identical systems I have. This weekend this has stopped. I also noticed that my server1 has a file TTY_00000000.log with information like:

08/29/08 20:25:05: EVT#05853-08/29/08 20:25:05: 94=Patrol Read progress on PD 0

2(e1/s2) is 100.00%(6429s)

08/29/08 20:25:13: prCallback: PR completed for pd=02

My server2 does not have this file.

Any ideas?


Nestor J


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