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Re: No email from Cron Jobs

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Florez, Nestor wrote:
> Until august 28th I was getting email messages every time a cron job was completed
> On 2 identical systems I have.  This weekend this has stopped.    
> I  also noticed that my server1 has a file TTY_00000000.log with information like:
> 08/29/08 20:25:05: EVT#05853-08/29/08 20:25:05:  94=Patrol Read progress on PD 0
> 2(e1/s2) is 100.00%(6429s)
> 08/29/08 20:25:13: prCallback: PR completed for pd=02
> My server2 does not have this file.

- From a brief look around, the TTY file is generally an output of Dell's
OpenManage application, usually dumped in case of hardware weirdness.
The log messages you copied (again, from a search) seem to be related to
a specific part of OSMA called Patrol Read. One could almost assume this
is a Dell server.

If this is a correct assumption, it seems normal to only see this error
on one server. What would be weird is if BOTH servers had the same
hardware issues reported.

> Any ideas?

For basics, maybe attempt redirecting the cron job output to a file,
just to see if there is anything being sent out to the mail service.
Also, check to see that crond is running: `/sbin/service crond status` .

The fact that both died, though, make me think it's some external
problem, but those are good to eliminate from your checklist to restore
your sanity :)

Good luck!


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