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RE: No email from Cron Jobs

Thanks for all the replies.  I found out that the network manager set up some kind of white
List to allow emails in the intranet and he forgot to mentioned it to me and the email from
My cron jobs were being capture by the new software.

Thanks again,

Nestor :)

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Florez, Nestor wrote:
> Until august 28th I was getting email messages every time a cron job was completed
> On 2 identical systems I have.  This weekend this has stopped.   
> I  also noticed that my server1 has a file TTY_00000000.log with information like:
> 08/29/08 20:25:05: EVT#05853-08/29/08 20:25:05:  94=Patrol Read progress on PD 0
> 2(e1/s2) is 100.00%(6429s)
> 08/29/08 20:25:13: prCallback: PR completed for pd=02
> My server2 does not have this file.

- From a brief look around, the TTY file is generally an output of Dell's
OpenManage application, usually dumped in case of hardware weirdness.
The log messages you copied (again, from a search) seem to be related to
a specific part of OSMA called Patrol Read. One could almost assume this
is a Dell server.

If this is a correct assumption, it seems normal to only see this error
on one server. What would be weird is if BOTH servers had the same
hardware issues reported.

> Any ideas?

For basics, maybe attempt redirecting the cron job output to a file,
just to see if there is anything being sent out to the mail service.
Also, check to see that crond is running: `/sbin/service crond status` .

The fact that both died, though, make me think it's some external
problem, but those are good to eliminate from your checklist to restore
your sanity :)

Good luck!


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