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RE: /etc/rc*.d/K05st.exmple not executed when the system is shut down

Thank you very much for your nice response.

Is this really a standard practice to create a startup for a daemon so that the daemon can be shut down when the system is shut down? Can you please point me to any manual or doc that describes this step? 

I was thinking that by adding  K05st.example to  /etc/rc6.d e.g. would automatically take care of the daemon shutdown.   

Please be aware that killall gets excuted after K* in /etc/rc6.d:

[root lcls-srv20 init.d]# ls -all /etc/rc6.d/S00killall
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 17 Mar  3 13:04 /etc/rc6.d/S00killall -> ../init.d/killall

If killall is all needed, what is /etc/rc*.d/K* for?

Thanks again.

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Quoting "Zhou, Jingchen" <jingchen slac stanford edu>:

> I have a dummy startup file st.example in /etc/init.d (see below), which has
> been added to the system run levels as
> [root srv]# chkconfig --list st.example
> st.example      0:off   1:off   2:off   3:on    4:off   5:off   6:off
>  [root srv]# ls /etc/rc*.d/*st.example /etc/rc0.d/K05st.example
> /etc/rc3.d/S92st.example  /etc/rc6.d/K05st.example /etc/rc1.d/K05st.example
> /etc/rc4.d/K05st.example /etc/rc2.d/K05st.example  /etc/rc5.d/K05st.example
> When I shut down the system, "stop" (or K05st.example) somehow is never
> executed (I don't see the log file in /tmp, and I don't see the shutdown
> message in /var/log/messages after the system is back up.). "start" always
> works as expected when the system comes up.
> Am I missing any?

Your start function needs to create a lockfile called /var/lock/subsys/<name of
service> and then your stop function needs to remove it.  The
/etc/init.d/killall script will explain more.

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