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SECURITY: New rsync packages available

Potential security problems have been identified in the rsync package
shipped with Red Hat Linux 5.2. A user can not exploit this hole
deliberately to gain privileges (ie. this is not an "active" security hole)
but a system administrator could easily be caught by the bug and
inadvertently compromise the security of their system.

Red Hat would like to thank Andrew Tridgel for providing an update that
fixed the problem.

Users of Red Hat Linux are recommended to upgrade to the new packages
available under updates directory on our ftp site:

Red Hat Linux 5.2:

rpm -Uvh ftp://updates.redhat.com/5.2/alpha/procmail-3.13.1-1.alpha.rpm

rpm -Uvh ftp://updates.redhat.com/5.2/i386/procmail-3.13.1-1.i386.rpm

rpm -Uvh ftp://updates.redhat.com/5.2/sparc/procmail-3.13.1-1.sparc.rpm

Source rpm:
rpm -Uvh ftp://updates.redhat.com/5.2/SRPMS/procmail-3.13.1-1.src.rpm

Cristian Gafton   --   gafton redhat com   --   Red Hat Software, Inc.
 UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are.

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