[rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta now available

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Wed Apr 21 15:49:45 UTC 2010

Red Hat is pleased to announce the Beta availability of the next generation
of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux product family.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
brings together ground-breaking improvements across many subsystems and a
significant update to the kernel to deliver the overall Red Hat open source
experience.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is available today for
download by customers, partners and members of the public.  We value wide
participation and invite you to install, test and provide feedback on the
Beta to help us ensure that the final release delivers a best-in-class

Our currently supported release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, continues to
be the cornerstone of Red Hat's subscription-based software product
portfolio.  It will continue to be supported by Red Hat and its ISV and OEM
partners until 2014.

Featuring fully updated core technology, from the kernel to the application
infrastructure to the development toolchain, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Beta includes many features and enhancements to the following areas:

 * Virtualization          * Security
 * Power management        * Storage
 * Resource management     * Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
 * File systems            * Scalability
 * Compiler and tools      * Desktop
 * Installer               * New hardware enablement

Please note that this early access software should not be deployed in
production environments.  The Beta packages and installation images are
intended for testing purposes only.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta is
still in active development, and the contents of the media kit and the
implemented features are subject to change.  The Beta is not formally
supported and it will not be possible to upgrade from the Beta to the
final production version.  Due to the incorporation of debugging features,
performance tests based on the Beta will not provide results that are
representative of the final product.

To learn more about this release or to download the installation kits,
please visit the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta portal at:


The portal also provides detail on how to report issues and feedback to
Red Hat.

Please be sure to periodically check the Red Hat blog for articles on
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.  The blog can be accessed at:


If you'd like to stay current with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 updates, we
encourage you to subscribe to the following mailing lists:

1.  Mailing list that provides general announcements related to Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux 6.


2.  Mailing list to serve as a discussion list for Red Hat Enterprise
    Linux 6 beta(s).


Thank you for your continued support of Red Hat and your interest in the
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta.  Your participation is critical in
ensuring that we deliver a high-quality release that supports your
enterprise environments.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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