[rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2 now available

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Wed Jun 30 14:23:07 UTC 2010

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta 2 release is now available for
download.  Beta 2 includes an updated installer, new technologies
and resolutions to many issues that were reported earlier in the
Beta cycle.

The breadth of testing and quality of feedback that we are
receiving has been impressive and we are grateful to our user
community and our development partners for helping us create a
solid enterprise-ready operating system capable of scaling to
today's demanding workloads.

Beta 2 has been restructured into two parts:

    a. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 Beta
       i.   Clustered Storage
       ii.  Large File System
       iii. High Availability
       iv.  Load Balance

    b. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 6 Beta
       i.   Large File System

This refresh consists of an updated installer, an updated kernel
and numerous application updates since the last Beta.  Packages
and installable images (ISOs) are available via Red Hat Network
(RHN) for active subscribers.  In addition to RHN, this refresh
is also available via FTP (details below).

Current Beta users are strongly encouraged to do a fresh
installation to help validate newer functionality that has been
incorporated into the installer since the earlier Beta.

Red Hat plans to provide an additional refresh in the next
several weeks to allow for testing and validation of the most
up-to-date packages.

Please note that this is still early access software and is not
for use in production environments.  The Beta packages and
installation images are intended for testing purposes only.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is still in active development, and
the contents of the media kit and the implemented features are
subject to change.  The release is not formally supported and
it will not be possible to upgrade from the Beta to the final
production version.  Due to the incorporation of debugging
features, this Beta cannot be used for performance benchmarking
and platform certification.

To learn more about this release or to download the
installation kits, please visit the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Beta portal at:


The portal also provides details on how to report issues and
feedback to Red Hat.

Please be sure to periodically check the Red Hat blog for
articles on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. The blog can be
accessed at:


If you'd like to stay current with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
updates, we encourage you to subscribe to the following mailing

1.  Mailing list that provides general announcements related to
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.


2.  Mailing list to serve as a discussion list for Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux 6 beta(s).


Thank you for your continued support of Red Hat and your
interest in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta.  Your
participation is critical in ensuring that we deliver a
high-quality release.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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