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Wed Nov 10 19:40:24 UTC 2010

Red Hat is pleased to announce the world-wide availability of Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6. This is a milestone event for Red Hat as we once
again push forward and upward our leadership position in the market. Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 6 delivers dramatic improvements in reliability,
security, performance, scalability and infrastructure flexibility.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has been specifically architected to help
organizations experience a seamless transition to emerging data center
models that include virtualization and cloud computing. With support
across the major hardware architectures, hypervisors and commercial
Cloud providers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 makes the transitions
between physical and different virtual environments predictable and
secure for our customers. Enhanced tools and new capabilities in this
release enable administrators to tailor the application environment to
efficiently monitor and manage compute resources and security. IT
departments who adopt Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will improve their
agility, lower their costs and reduce complexity with innovative
technologies that span physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Not only are we announcing the availability of Red Hat Enterprise 6; we
have also announced a complete new product portfolio with new packaging
options that can be customized for specific use cases such as IBM System
z, IBM Power, HPC Compute nodes or HPC Head Nodes and for SAP Business
Applications. Along with these new server options, we have introduced a
new line of Add-On options that enable our customers more flexible
choices allowing them to tailor their application environment to
specific workloads that best suits their needs.

This truly is a milestone release for Red Hat that is putting a stake in
the industry as the foundation for the next decade. We would like to
extend our gratitude to our early adopters, supportive customers and our
vast ecosystem of partners who have helped mold our leadership position
in the industry.

For more information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, visit


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux team.

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