[rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 Beta Announcement

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Tue Mar 22 19:28:02 UTC 2011

Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of the Beta of the
first update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.  This Beta is an update
to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform that was made available
to customers beginning in November 2010.  The following variants
are supported by today's Beta:

     - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client 6 for x86 and
       AMD64/Intel(r) 64

     - Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Performance Compute Node 6 for
       AMD64/Intel(r) 64

     - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for x86, AMD64/Intel(r) 64,
       IBM System z(r) and IBM POWER(r)

     - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation for x86 and
       AMD64/Intel(r) 64

To learn more about this release, visit our blog announcement here:


Please refer to the online Release Notes for technical details on
noteworthy improvements in the Beta.  This is also where you will
find the most up-to-date information on known issues.


We are grateful to the community and our partners for their
assistance in developing this Beta release.  We encourage you to
download, install, and run this release and look forward to
receiving valuable testing feedback.  It is this level of
participation that continues to validate the success of Red Hat
Enterprise Linux as a trusted datacenter platform.

Please note that this Beta release is intended for testing purposes
only.  This early access software is not supported and is not
intended for production environments.  Please do not publish any
benchmark or performance results based on this Beta release.
Upgrades will *not* be supported from this Beta software to
subsequent milestones or official releases.

The software, including installable images, are available for
download via the Beta channels in Red Hat Network (RHN):


Thank you for your interest in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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