[rhelv6-announce] Announcement: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle Extended to Ten Years

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Tue Jan 31 17:20:27 UTC 2012

Today Red Hat is pleased to announce that it has extended the life cycle 
of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6 and future releases from seven to 10 
years, effective immediately. This announcement is in response to the 
widespread adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 since its introduction 
in 2007, and the increasing rate of adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
6 since its launch in 2010.

During the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, customers take 
advantage of a multitude of benefits, including feature enhancements,
critical bug and security fixes, as well as award-winning support from 
Red Hat’s Global Support Services team. Customers also enjoy stability 
from Red Hat Enterprise Linux resulting from Red Hat's commitment to ABI 
and API compatibility during the life cycle. Finally, Red Hat delivers a 
steady stream of supported hardware platforms, aligning to the new 
introduction cycles of hardware OEM partners.

The result of the extended life cycle is that customers will enjoy all 
of the benefits of their subscription over a longer period of time.
Specifically, this means additional time to take advantage of the 
significant investments that customers make in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
related to their business critical applications. Enterprise customers 
will now have more options for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux
implementations, and can use the longer life cycle to plan for 
migrations as well as new deployments.

We are excited about this announcement, and in particular about the 
additional value that it provides to customers, in response to their
reliance on Red Hat to help run and grow their business.

For additional details, please refer to the following resources:

- The press release associated with this announcement:

- The Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle web page:

- An FAQ on the Red Hat Customer Portal:

Please consult your primary Red Hat contact to understand more detail 
regarding this exciting announcement.

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