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Tue Oct 1 16:58:03 UTC 2013

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 improves stability, security for 
enterprise applications

Raleigh, N.C. – October 1, 2013 –  Red Hat, Inc, (NYSE: RHT), the 
world's leading provider of open source solutions, announced today the 
release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10, the latest minor release of 
the mature Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Platform.  With an emphasis on 
providing greater stability for critical applications, Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.10 offers enhanced features for reliability and 
security, including an updated version of OpenSCAP – the open source 
Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) configuration scanner, which 
meets the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) SCAP 
1.2 standard.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 reiterates Red Hat’s commitment to a 
10-year lifecycle for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and maintains backwards 
compatibility with all previous releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 
including supported hardware and software platforms.  Beyond OpenSCAP, 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 also includes:

* MySQL 5.5, the most recent, stable version of that open source 
database. MySQL 5.5 includes a number of improvements in terms of speed, 
scalability, and ease of use. For customers' convenience, Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.10 also includes MySQL 5.1, which is required in 
order to upgrade to MySQL 5.5.

* Enhanced Subscription Management Tools, which now provide more insight 
into how customers can optimize and benefit from their Red Hat 
subscriptions. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10, customers can better 
match subscriptions to their unique system needs, better report on and 
manage subscription usage across a large inventory of systems, and add 
custom, searchable key value pairs to systems, all without having to go 
through the Red Hat Customer Portal.

* Red Hat Access, delivered through the Red Hat Support Tool, provides 
an integrated, seamless way to get answers with exclusive Red Hat 
Knowledge, use Red Hat’s automated diagnostic services for problem 
determination and engage with Red Hat directly from a Linux terminal. 
Customers can use Red Hat Access to quickly resolve issues and analyze 
log files, core dumps and error messages, all from within Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.10.

Additionally, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 customers with Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux Developer subscriptions will now gain access to Red Hat 
Developer Toolset 2.0 
which offers users a selection of popular, open source developer tools. 
Red Hat Developer Toolset 2.0 has a more frequent release cadence and 
exists on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, enabling 
developers to take advantage of the latest stable open development tools 
for application innovation.

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