[rhelv6-announce] Final Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Beta Now Available

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Wed Jul 9 14:11:25 UTC 2014

Today, we are pleased to announce beta availability of Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.11. This release continues to provide system 
administrators with a secure, stable, and reliable platform for their 
organization's enterprise applications.

When Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 was first introduced in 2007, it was 
done so with an expected seven year lifecycle. Five years later, in 
2012, we saw the continued strong adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 
and decided to extend its seven year lifecycle to 10 years. Now, in 
2014, the original retirement year for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, we 
still see an active, dedicated customer base that has come to value this 
long, predictable lifecycle in addition to the platform’s inherent 
security, stability, and reliability.

While primarily focused on improving security and stability, Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta provides additional enhancements to 
subscription management, debugging capabilities, and more. Updates include:

   * New storage drivers -- Updates that provide customers with the 
benefits of some of the latest storage adapters from Red Hat hardware 

   * Enhancements to Red Hat Access[1] Support’s debugging capabilities 
-- Red Hat Access Support makes it easier for customers to manage, 
diagnose, and engage with Red Hat directly through a console within Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

   * Improvements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests running on VMware 

   * More information from subscription management services that makes 
managing subscriptions easier through both the GUI and command line.

Although this is the final minor release for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 continues to be supported with security 
updates and important bug fixes, fulfilling Red Hat's commitment to a 
10-year product lifecycle for all major Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
releases. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 remains actively supported until 
March 31, 2017, when it is scheduled to be retired.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta is available now on the Red Hat 
Customer Portal to all customers and partners with an active Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux subscription at: https://access.redhat.com/downloads/

For access to the documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11 Beta, 
including the release notes, please visit: 

To review the product lifecycle phases for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 
see: https://access.redhat.com/site/support/policy/updates/errata/


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

[1] https://access.redhat.com/home

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