[rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Advances Linux Containers in the Enterprise with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host

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Thu Mar 5 18:46:14 UTC 2015

Today marks an exciting milestone for Red Hat as we share news of the 
general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host, an 
operating system optimized for running the next generation of 
applications with Linux containers. Based on the world’s leading 
enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host enables 
enterprises to embrace a container-based architecture to take advantage 
of the benefits of development and deployment flexibility and simplified 
maintenance, without sacrificing performance, stability, security, or 
the value of Red Hat’s vast certified ecosystem.

An application architecture based on Linux containers requires not only 
the tools to build and run containers, but also an underlying foundation 
that is secure, reliable, enterprise-grade, with an established 
lifecycle designed to meet the ongoing requirements of the enterprise 
over the long term. This includes mitigation of security concerns, 
ongoing product enhancements, proactive diagnostics, and access to support.

Red Hat is committed to offering enterprises a complete and integrated 
container-based infrastructure solution, combining container-based 
application packaging with robust, optimized infrastructure to enable 
easy movement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux-certified applications across 
bare metal systems, virtual machines and private and public clouds - all 
of this with the product and security lifecycle that enterprise 
customers require. The release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 
supports Red Hat's commitment to make Linux containers a stable and 
reliable component of enterprise IT across the open hybrid cloud.

For building and maintaining container infrastructure, Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host provides many benefits, including:

  - Atomic updating and rollback through an image-like update mechanism.

  - Container images in docker format can be deployed and run as 
application containers.

  - Certification and support, along with a chain of trust for 
containers built using platform images provided by Red Hat.

  - Container orchestration at scale through Kubernetes, creating 
large-scale business applications from discrete services deployed in 
containers across clusters of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host.

  - Stronger security by default through SELinux, cgroups and kernel 
namespaces, isolating each container in a multi-container environment.
Support for super-privileged containers enables host management 
applications to access the host and other containers in a secure manner.

Application portability across the open hybrid cloud by leveraging Red 
Hat’s vast certified ecosystem, enabling secure, stable container 
deployments on physical hardware, on certified hypervisors including Red 
Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, and on 
certified public cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Google 
Cloud Platform.


  - Attend the Virtual Event and Webcast or view the replay after the 
event: At 11 a.m. EDT on March 12, 2015, Red Hat will host “Transform 
Application Delivery with Containers,” a virtual event that drills into 
the real world use cases and value of Linux containers.For more 
information and to register, please visit http://bit.ly/1GSQRgM.

  - Read the press release: 

  - Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host: 

  - Learn more about Linux containers: 

  - Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host (requires login): For 
information on how to access Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, visit 

  - Get the latest news via the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog: 


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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