[rhelv6-announce] Announcing General Availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7

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Tue Aug 6 20:03:15 UTC 2019

Today, we’re pleased to announce the latest update to the world’s
leading enterprise Linux platform with the general availability of Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7. This release delivers enhanced consistency
and control across cloud infrastructure for IT operations teams while
also providing a suite of modern, supported container creation tools
for enterprise application developers.

Key points to note:

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 lifecycle
This release marks the transition of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to
Maintenance Phase I as defined in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10-year
lifecycle. Future minor releases will now focus solely on retaining
and improving stability and reliability rather than adding new

Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
The Red Hat subscription allows users to deploy the release that suits
their business needs. To facilitate moving to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
8, Red Hat offers tools, including in-place upgrades, which streamline
and simplify the migration.

Enhanced operational consistency across the hybrid cloud
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 delivers a consistent experience across
virtualized, bare-metal and cloud-based resources, with capabilities
to enhance creation, delivering and operation of critical workloads

 * Red Hat Insights, Red Hat’s expertise-as-a-service offering, which
helps users proactively detect, analyze and help remediate a variety
of potential software security and configuration issues.

 * Full support for image builder, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux utility
that enables IT teams to more readily and easily build cloud images
for major public cloud infrastructures, including Amazon Web Services,
Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

 * Network performance improvements for Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat
OpenStack Platform by offloading virtual switching and network
functions virtualization (NFV) to network controller hardware.

Support for cloud-native development
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 extends support for Red Hat’s distributed
container toolkit - buildah, podman and skopeo - to Red Hat Enterprise
Linux workstation deployments. Along with the Red Hat 7 Universal Base
Images, developer teams can build, run and manage containerized
applications across the hybrid cloud.

Live patching for improved OS security
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 also introduces support for live patching
the underlying Linux kernel. Kernel updates can be applied to
remediate Critical or Important Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
(CVEs) minimizing the need for system reboots.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 availability

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 is now available in the Red Hat Customer
Portal for all customers with active Red Hat Enterprise Linux
subscriptions. To access and download Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7,
please visit: https://access.redhat.com/downloads/

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