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[rhelv6-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is now available. Get started today.

Red Hat(r) Enterprise Linux(r) 8, the first major RHEL release since
2014, is now available. RHEL 8 is the intelligent operating system
that is the consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud with
the tools needed to deliver workloads faster with less effort.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will experience with RHEL 8:

* On ramp non-Linux users more quickly without fear of the command line.
* Faster and more consistent delivery in any deployment footprint with
full coverage native automation.
* Delivers a highly secure platform in cloud infrastructures and for
emerging workloads like machine learning.
* A seamless, non-disruptive migration process for existing RHEL deployments.
* Fastest time to "Hello World" with streamlined access to high
quality open source development tools.
* A trusted partner for Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server,
Postgres, and machine learning workloads.
* Ease the transition and power the adoption of containerized workloads.

We’re adding even more value to RHEL with Red Hat Insights
Red Hat Insights is now included in every supported RHEL subscription.
Insights gives you the ability to predict system issues before they
occur through ongoing, in-depth analysis of your infrastructure. Learn
more at https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/management/insights

Thank you for all your hard work along the path from Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 8.0 alpha to the finished GA product. We look forward
to continuing to work with you to ensure high quality releases.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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