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[rhelv6-list] Redhat 6 installation failures common

I don't understand what is happening to Redhat 6 installers.

We have experienced multiple systems where the installer can launch
and it is obviously reading from CDROM but then when it
looks for the installation media it fails to find the CDROM.

The failure follows the screen with the title:

"Installation Method"

"What type of media contains the installation image"

We pick Local CD/DVD

then the error appears: "Disc Not Found".

This has happened within a guest KVM, or with basic SATA drives,
and it is with the i386 net based installer.  Yet the media test passes.

With the DVD based installer, it doesn't do that, but it
has python errors in the screen behind the keyboard question
and then it says there are no disks we can use when
we select the Custom option to set up our partitions manually
(don't want LVM).

On the same system, we were able to install RH 5 without a hitch
and it will still boot up RH 5 fine.

The hardware is a basic Intel motherboard 1U server - nothing esoteric.

Any clues on how we can bring up RH 6?


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