[rhelv6-list] IP load balancing

Patrick H. rhelv6-list at feystorm.net
Mon Jan 10 08:42:53 UTC 2011

So I just started setting up a RHEL6 box for use in a load balanced 
cluster and have run across a problem. The way you set up a virtual IP 
on the back end realhost side is to add an interface alias to the 
loopback device (such as lo:0). Well the ifup-eth script in RHEL6 
refuses to add aliases to the loopback interface. Additionally if you 
try to add the alias to the real ethX device instead it fails because 
the arping check it does finds that the IP is already running on the 
IPVS director.

So, how is one supposed to setup a realhost now?
The difference from RHEL5 is that RHEL5 doesnt check to see if youre 
adding an alias to the loopback device or not. Why does RHEL6 even care 
about that anyway? Theres nothing wrong with it...

(I posted this in the cluster mailing list but didnt get any response)

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