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> Patrick H. wrote :
>> So I just started setting up a RHEL6 box for use in a load balanced 
>> cluster and have run across a problem. The way you set up a virtual IP 
>> on the back end realhost side is to add an interface alias to the 
>> loopback device (such as lo:0). Well the ifup-eth script in RHEL6 
>> refuses to add aliases to the loopback interface. Additionally if you 
>> try to add the alias to the real ethX device instead it fails because 
>> the arping check it does finds that the IP is already running on the 
>> IPVS director.
>> So, how is one supposed to setup a realhost now?
>> The difference from RHEL5 is that RHEL5 doesnt check to see if youre 
>> adding an alias to the loopback device or not. Why does RHEL6 even care 
>> about that anyway? Theres nothing wrong with it...
> I've quickly tested a simple ifcfg-lo:0 like this and it works fine for
> me on RHEL6 :
> DEVICE=lo:0
> Maybe you've been using a netmask which overlaps with some of the
> addresses configured on your eth interfaces : Don't do that for those
> "dummy" addresses.
> Matthias
I found the problem. I was attempting to `ifup lo:0` to bring up the 
specific interface. Apparently you can not do this anymore. You have to 
do `ifup lo` and let it bring up all aliases together.

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