[rhelv6-list] module load order changed in initramfs

neo3 matrix neo3matrix at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 10:34:32 UTC 2011

I have recently installed RHEL 6.0 GA.
I want to find out what are the modules get loaded  from initramfs image in

Upto RHEL 5, we can directly see "insmod" and "modprobe" calls and their
sequences in "init" file from initrd.img.

But now, in RHEL 6, initramfs  doesn't have direct calls to "insmod" or
"modprobe" inside init file. I walked through init script and also "grep"ed
complete initramfs for insmod/modprobe, got very few of the module names
then actual loaded modules.

I even tried searching in /etc/rcX....., /etc/modprobe.d, etc.etc.

Can anybody tell me what is the driver load order in RHEL 6 and how can I
find it out?
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