[rhelv6-list] initrd and kickstarting

Brian Long brilong at cisco.com
Tue Jan 25 13:30:13 UTC 2011

On 1/24/11 10:07 PM, Darren Patterson wrote:
> Since rhel3 I have been making custom initrd files by removing hba drivers to ensure a SAN safe pxe/kickstart build.  It used to be that a race condition could make a SAN presented device /dev/sda, instead of the first local scsi drive, and thus the OS would install there.  
> Does anyone know if I should continue this practice with rhel6 initrd files or has this problem been resolved?

The way I've seen it addressed in the past (RHEL 4 & 5) is to specify
"nostorage" on the PXE command-line and have your ks.cfg specify "device
scsi cciss" or something specific to your platform.  This ensures the
Qlogic or Emulex drivers don't get loaded but you can still see the
internal disk.

Here's one mailing list item which also mentions it:


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