[rhelv6-list] OT: Recommendations for a virtual storage server

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Fri Jan 28 14:51:48 UTC 2011

carlopmart wrote :

> Hi all,
>   I need to install a virtual machine acting as a virtual storage server under 
> CentOS 5.x (using kvm, xen, virtualbox or vmware). This virtual storage machine 
> needs to server storage to another ESXi server and at the same time to the host 
> where is installed.
>   This is due to the limitations of hardware I have available. Both hosts needs to 
> server several machines.
>   It is very important that the virtual machine consumes the least resources 
> possible (host has 5GB RAM and i need to run three virtual machines minimum, 
> including this storage server as a virtual machine).
>   What can be better solution: CentOS, NexentaStor, openfiler ...??

Well, you're asking on the RHEL6 list : You can install RHEL6 and use
it as an iSCSI server, that should work fine (though I've only done it
with RHEL5 myself, and it was broken in the RHEL6 beta I tested it).

Note that you might be adding a useless layer of virtualization : You
could also consider having that CentOS 5.x host be the iSCSI server


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