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Re: [rhelv6-list] No Redhat network this AM?

Once upon a time, D G Teed <donald teed gmail com> said:
> Also, I don't like this single point of failure.  If we come in to do
> maintenance, and
> the update service is offline, there are no alternative mirrors I am aware of.

That is correct; everything depends on a working RHN.

RHN is currently working for me, but the Customer Portal is not, which
is irritating because now software ISO downloads go through the Portal
(which IIRC then sends you back to RHN to actually download, but that
link is gone from the RHN interface).

I expect that Red Hat will not say a word about this latest
service-affecting outage, as per their usual.  I guess some marketing
lackey thinks if they don't say anything, then it didn't really happen
(or customers just won't notice).

It looks like RHEL 5.7 may be out this morning (I sure see a bunch of
updates), but it is hard to tell since Red Hat's sites are broken.

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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