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Re: [rhelv6-list] scsi-target-utils upgrade?

On 6/8/11 2:48 AM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> One possible way to upgrade iscsi target without interruption for your
> VMs could be using dmotion (storage vmotion) towards other storage
> pools if the total amount that is necessary is available and if VMware
> supports it with iSCSI based storage...
> Or temporarily set up another iscsi target server (eventually using
> local disk) and use it for dmotion ... and dmotion again at the end..
> But probably you already evaluated this way ...

I have not evaluated dmotion to perform this specific upgrade, but I
recently used dmotion to move from the RHEL5-based iSCSI target to the
RHEL6-based target.  This is a small non-production environment (two
hosts + storage host in a lab) so I was hoping to see if someone had
done what I suggested.  If not, I'll consider dmotion like you suggested
since I know it should work and will allow me to migrate to the latest


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