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Re: [rhelv6-list] kickstarting rhel6 from usb key

Hi Gianluca,

This at least gives me an idea that I can use with respect to checking in pre whether the device that is going to be kickstarted is removable. I could at least pop up a warning box so that I don't have to check manually each time!


Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
I don't know if it can be a starting point to find correct strategy,
but for example (tested on Fedora 14 but should be similar in recent
rh el distro):

sda = hard disk
sdb = usb key that is inside at this moment

[root tekkaman block]# pwd

[root tekkaman block]# ls sda
alignment_offset  discard_alignment  queue      sda2  size       uevent
bdi               ext_range          range      sda3  slaves
capability        holders            removable  sda4  stat
dev               inflight           ro         sda5  subsystem
device            power              sda1       sda6  trace

[root tekkaman block]# ls sdb
alignment_offset  device             inflight  removable  slaves     uevent
bdi               discard_alignment  power     ro         stat
capability        ext_range          queue     sdb1       subsystem
dev               holders            range     size       trace

[root tekkaman block]# cat sda/removable

[root tekkaman block]# cat sdb/removable

I don't know if you have an hot plug disk if the "removable" special
file can contain 1 also for hard disks, but I don't think so
I remember to have used this content to differentiate sda or sdb for
install, because I had to install on HP and Dell servers.
In HP there is /dev/cciss/c0d0
in Dell tipically /dev/sda
and I put my kickstart on usb key / floppy that actually were mapped
to an image used by iLO/Drac.
If I find those kickstart I could share.
In the mean time you can try...

I used that information in the pre section

Or eventually you can check other flags inside the directories...


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