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Re: [rhelv6-list] You suggestion for 'big' filesystem management Best Practice?

2011/10/28 Götz Reinicke <goetz reinicke filmakademie de>

we plan to set up a big file storage for media files like uncompressed
movies from student film projects, dvd images etc.

It should be some sort of archive and will not bee accessed by more than
may be 5 people at the same time.

The iSCSI RAID we have is about 26TB netto and I'm again faced with the
question: How many partitions, which filesystem, which mount options etc.

For the User it would be the most simpel thing, to have one big
filesystem she/he could fill with all the data and dont has to search
e.g. on multiple volumes.

On the other hand, if one big filesystem crashes or has do be checked it
will destroy a lot of data or the check will take hours ...

Any suggestions pro or cons are welcome! :-)

My favourite for now is 3 to 4 filesystems with the default ext4
settings. (Redhat EL 5.7, may be soon 6.1)

Thanks and best regards. Götz

So you could make it appear as a single file system to the clients by utilizing gluster on top of the smaller filesystems.  even if you are just mounting it locally.  That would give you the easier user setup, and easier fsck'ing.  Although it adds another layer to the solution.

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