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Re: [rhelv6-list] Access to redhat Software collection 2 for RHEL 6 user

Le 2016-06-29 16:58, Leinweber, James a écrit :
It appears that Redhat Software Collections 2 contains php 5.6 but I
seem not to be able to access it.

My Redhat subscription is:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Self-support

Unfortunately, Redhat only provides software collections access
to subscriptions at the "standard" or "premium" support
levels.  I ran into this myself recently and enquired with their
tech support and purchasing folks.  It's not available as a
separate add-on the way extended lifecycle support is.

-- Jim Leinweber
State Laboratory of Hygiene, University of Wisconsin - Madison
<jim leinweber slh wisc edu>       phone +1 608 221 6281
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You can use the upstream Software Collections on which RH ones are based :


As written, you don't have the support


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