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new up2date for testing

I'll be putting new up2dates up at:


As often as I can. These are for testing purposes
only and unofficial. 


yum up2date-test-repo-severn-i386 http://people.redhat.com/alikins/up2date/severn/RPMS/

to /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date to get to these with up2date.
(note some versions of up2date out there might try to automatically
update to these versions if you add that, if you dont want that,
you can either set updateUp2date=0 in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date)
or just grab the new packages which only auto update up2date if
it's from an rhn channel).

And for added fun, you can try testing rollbacks. They
work perfectly. A shining example of modern software engineering
in its finest form. Unbreakable. Fair and Balanaced. A 
testament to perfection of form and function. Flawless
in it's beauty, and overwhelming in its precision.

A flawless beauty
unbreakable purity
cherry blossoms fall

To enable, check "Enable Rollbacks" on the 
Retreivel/installation screen of the gui in
`up2date --config` or set "enabledRollbacks"
to 1 if text config is more your style. 

And if thats not enough excitement, try
uncommenting the one line in /etc/rpm/macros.up2date
This enables "all erase" transactions. Aka, rollbacks
on package installs, not just package upgrades, for yall
rollback newbies. 

This will create rollback rpms on every up2date
package install/upgrade (remove too, for that matter).
You can then rollback the last rollback with:

up2date --undo

To reinstall the previous version of that package
(including any modified config files). 

If anything breaks... yeah, right, like this could possibly
break. I already said it was perfect. Anyway, if anything 
breaks,  my good friend bugzilla wants to here about it. 

Since you won't be needing it, I'll go ahead and provide
a pointer url to <a href="http://makeashorterlink.com/?J12662B95";>
the right place to file a bug</a>. But you want need that.


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