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Re: Reason for the change

> > don't have to be worried about losing value in Red Hat Linux...
> If Red Hat Linux is absolutely stable doesn't that cut into revenues for

There are different kinds of "stable". Enterprise customers react in
different ways

	"It's got seven window managers"   
Community: Cool!		Enterprise: My god how will I support it

	"It comes with xbill"

Community: Great		Enterprise: how inappropriate

	"We are pushing gnome 2.4 updates"

Community: Whoopeee		Enteprise: Oh my god, what the hell!

> Also if people in the RHLP community wanted to extend errata lifespan on
> their own for RHL - would red hat issue community-driven errata notices?

Good question. It may be it would be better to formally hand it over. I
don't think its something with an instant answer.

> Would community members be given access to vendorsec notices if they
> were to be maintaining some package?

vendor-sec membership is decided by vendor-sec not Red Hat. It has to trade
the fact the more people know the more it leaks versus the desire to get
stuff fixed. Currently membership is decided by a process of armwaving
and consensus with existing members (which include SuSE, Debian, Openwall,
FreeBSD etc)

vendor-sec has to make that decision, Red Hat cannot do so.

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