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Re: Sndconfig, does it have to go?

** Reply to message from Benjamin Vander Jagt <benjaminvanderjagt adelphia net> on Tue, 22 Jul 2003 21:37:45 -0400

> Is there any particular problem with sndconfig?  I and some of my
> customers use older ('96) sound cards, like the Turtle Beach Tropez+. 
> No plug-and-play configuration has ever set it up right, and most just
> lock up.  (In fact, I have *never* gotten the MIDI on these CS4232-based
> cards to work.)

Uh huh. Old issue. I bitched about RH nuking sndconfig in RH9 to no avail. But to make matters interesting, I ran config-soundcard after the Severn install last night and the same thing happened - "no soundcards found". But then after a couple of reboots, I opened up /etc/modules.conf and there was my old Crystal card ready to go with the modules defined. I suspect kudzu found it on one of the reboots and did the right thing. Either that or config-soundcard's error output needs adjusting.


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