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recent redhat-artwork/Bluecurve updates (w/ screenshots)

Hey all,

I have recently posted a few new screenshots which demonstrate some of the latest updates in the "redhat-artwork" package.

You can see screenshots at the following URLs:

You can get the most recent version in Rawhide or out of CVS. As of this writing, the current Rawhide URL for redhat-artwork is:

Brief overview of a few changes since the Red Hat Linux 9 time frame:


   * Reworked the entire icon set, now generated by XML configs and
     icon sheets
   * Multiple icon sizes are now available (not fully complete yet)
   * All icons are now pixel optimized per size
   * New mimetype file icons
   * Updated stock icons
   * Initial support for KDE stock icons (actions) now available (size
     issues need to be sorted out, so it's not working quite yet)
   * Gnome panel icons are 36x36 instead of 24x24 (for the time being,
     at least...)

Window Decorations ================

   * Window frame decorations have a new style
   * Metacity theme implemented
   * KDE's KWin theme needs to be updated still

Widgets =======

   * A few tweaks for the GTK+ theme configuration.
   * Additional color schemes are now available for Bluecurve

Access these additional themes by selecting "desktop menu > preferences > theme" from the panel, hitting the "Details..." button, and in the "Controls" tab, select "Bluecurve-Slate" or some other Bluecurve color scheme.

Of course, there is still work to be done. Please file bugs, help out, and/or provide feedback on the package.


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