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Re: i486 base architecture

Pekka Pietikainen wrote:

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 11:10:04PM -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
Prolly the strongest mechanism is to attach a run-time probe dependency to
the "cpu(...)" name space and parse /proc/cpuinfo for the relevant info.
That mostly works, but will have problems in chroot's w/o /proc mounted,
and will be kinda weird if/when, say, the mobo or disk is moved amongst
machines, to mention just 2 possible problems off the top of my head.

I suspect those deficiencies can be lived with, and are no worse than existing arch based tests.
Would there be any compilications if the thing was generalized and
you could do Requires-Return-Code: /usr/lib/rpm/check-x86-cpu-flags cmov
(or whatever the syntax would be, basic idea is that there's some
external thing that exits with 0 or 1).

Well, not a script please, scripts break way too often to be reliable.

But yes, return codes like
    0 == condition is TRUE
    1 == condition is FALSE
from a function that is passed the {N,EVR,FLAGS} dependency triple which
is dispatched iff the 'cpu(...)' name space wrapper is detected.

Kinda like 'rpmlib(...)' tracking dependencies, which are also a run-time probe dependency
wrapped in a name space.

In any case, such a thing should be easy to override, even when
using a frontend like yum.


73 de Jeff

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