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Self-Introduction: Tadej Janež

1. Full legal name: Tadej Janež

2. Country, City: Slovenia, Ljubljana

3. Student status: Final year of Secondary School

4. School: Gimnazija Bežigrad Secondary School

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project

        * Which packages do you want to see published?
        Being a Gnome fan, I'd like to see the remaining pieces of Gnome
        desktop environment (including many interesting 3rd party/5th
        toe applications) published, especially in the legally
        questionable multimedia front. 
        I'm also interested in getting more translation-related tools in
        the Fedora Project (Core or Extras).
        * Do you want to do QA?
        Actually, I'm very interested in doing QA (time permitting),
        however, I think it'll only be an observing and learning
        experience for me at first.
        * Anything else special?
        I'm mostly interested in building a unified platform for desktop
        software on Linux (and possibly some variants of *BSD) with
        common standards recognised by the F/OSS community. Yeah, you
        guessed correctly, I'm talking about the freedesktop.org effort.
        Personally, I think we should also increase our advocacy
        efforts, especially with regards to various hardware vendors,
        which haven't integrated themselves in the open source
        development ecosystem (yet). Getting proper (dare I say
        "bleeding-edge") hardware support would open inroads to the home
        desktop market with its special needs (hardcore 3d gaming,
        multimedia authoring). I know some things are already there and
        many efforts are under way, but I think it wouldn't hurt to push
        it a little bit more ;)

6. Historical qualifications

        * What other projects have you worked on in the past?
        I've joined the Slovenian Gnome translation team in the Gnome
        2.0 time-frame and I'm still helping out with the i18n efforts.
        The truth is, I've only switched to Linux full-time during the
        RHL 7.2 release cycle, so I'm still pretty new around here.
        However, in effort to learn as much as I can, I've been closely
        following the RHL (and later FC) development since the 7.3 beta
        * What computer languages and other skills do you know?
        I'm a beginner in C and Python and somewhat better at html and
        php. I've also been poking my nose into C# (and Mono platform).
        I'm a bit more proficient when it comes to i18n-related issues
        and unicode.
        * Why should we trust you?
        Actually, you shouldn't :) I just hope I'll be able to gain my
        trust through my contributions to the community.

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint

pub  1024D/4B8AA0E4 2003-04-29 Tadej Janež <tadej janez tadej hicsalta si>
     Key fingerprint = 3EBD 3552 6B98 98C3 5E3B  6C9A F7EC CB9F 4B8A A0E4
uid                            Tadej Janez <tadej_janez email si>
sub  1024g/BD80FBD3 2003-04-29

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