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Re: Firefox 3 Beta 2 in Rawhide

Martin Sourada wrote:
That's good news! Just some little questions. Has epiphany been ported
on xulrunner or do I need to wait just a little more to upgrade firefox?

Epiphany in rawhide still runs with firefox-devel, xulrunner support will be included in epiphany-2.22.

Are you interested also in gtk rendering issues? I noticed so far (using
mozilla's nightly builds of FF3) that the close buttons on tabs aren't
highlighted on mouseover action and checkboxes and radiobuttons seems to
have slightly wrong positioning when displayed on web pages. Also
widget's backgrounds seem to be derived from window's background, but
IMHO it should be derived from page element background it is on (but
this is really just a small issue).

Please check if that issues are in the fedora package and when they are not fedora related please report them at upstream. We generally don't have an ability to fix all bugs.


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