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Re: Compiz Fusion?

Hikaru Amano wrote:
On 7/1/07, dragoran <drago01 gmail com> wrote:


I think ccp  would be better, it also have a gconf-backend.
about desktop-effects:
there is not much that need to be changed there...
if we decide on what to use I can provide patches if needed ;)

after I applied some of the patches from previous compiz package (with
some modification in it) , and a little one-line patch in
desktop-effects.c to load gconf plugin properly , desktop-effects is
now back working .. but gnome-wm need some modfication to make compiz
start on login

yes you only have to load the glib plugin before loading gconf ... attached patch fixes this for gnome-wm
I didnt apply the patches before because they was being rejected ..

Like dragoran said, I also agree that ccp is a better choice ..
because if we insist in using gconf, desktop-effects and gnome-wm need
to do checking whether to load ccp or to load gconf plugin .. plus,
the compizconfig-settings-manager requires user to use ccp plugin and
it doesnt work with gconf plugin (compizconfig-backend-gconf != gconf
plugin) ..

+1 also using ccp allows us to use the compiz-settings tools and not require user to use gconf-editor.
for ccp, desktop-effects surely requires patching because the current
desktop-effects is using gconf and not libcompizconfig ..

yes I now.. but what is the compiz maintainers opinion on this?

> - the default installation provides several plugins that might pull
> more dependencies eg: fuse. to_split or not to_split

do you have a list of this deps?
we could split it into compiz-fusion-plugins and

after some checking, I noticed fuse-libs is now standard in
installations .. erm .. guess we dont need to split them then .. but I
havent tested to yum it from a clean system .. so I might miss

ok, then leave it like upstream does.

> I just built today git checkout and they are available here
> feel free to play around with them ..

thx, will look at them

> about desktop-effects .. for systems with AIGLX, an environment var
> need to be exported before launching it to make it work

this should then be added to gnome-wm to because on login desktop-effects is
not inolved.

after the patch, the env var no longer requires exporting ..
it doesn't have to be exported. just call setenv() in desktop-effects.c and in gnome-wm start compiz with LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 compiz ...

btw. I would suggest to use --ignore-desktop-hints by default. because else compiz uses viewports *and* workspaces at the same time when started via desktop-effects ...which is just weird.
--- gnome-wm.orig	2007-07-01 09:49:48.000000000 +0200
+++ gnome-wm	2007-07-01 09:50:21.000000000 +0200
@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@
 if [ ! -z "$SMID" ] ; then
   case `basename $WINDOW_MANAGER` in
@@ -123,13 +124,14 @@
 case `basename $WINDOW_MANAGER` in
     gtk-window-decorator &
-    OPT3=gconf
+    OPT3=glib
+    OPT4=gconf
     emerald &
 echo "ERROR: No window manager could run!"

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