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Re: Compiz Fusion?

Hikaru Amano wrote:
I just emailed him about this .. lets wait for his response


some cards doesnt require the env export (eg: nvidia) .. and for
fglrx, it require a LD_PRELOAD to a library file from fglrx driver
package instead (I heard XGL no longer required .. I dont have any ati
cards , couldnt test it) ..

ref: http://forums.opencompositing.org/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=758#p6439

aiglx-default.patch and tfp-server-extension.patch already removed the
requirement for  LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT .. so this is no longer a
problem ..

those 2 patches were taken from compiz 0.3.6 src.rpm btw ..

btw. I would suggest to use --ignore-desktop-hints by default. because
else compiz uses viewports *and* workspaces at the same time when
started via desktop-effects ...which is just weird.

about the gnome-wm patch .. aint that need to be applied in
gnome-session rpm?? ..

yes or better upstream.
another thing .
I just added fusion-icon packages into the repo .. fusion-icon is an
app similar to beryl-manager ..


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