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Re: Compiz Fusion?

Peter Gordon a écrit :
> On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 13:56 +0200, Alphonse Van Assche wrote:
>> To make this working compiz need to use texture copy instead of
>> texture_from_pixmap method[1] (because of the fact the fglrx driver
>> don't have support for texture_from_pixmap). That functionality can be
>> ported from beryl. Maybe a little patch to compiz must applied too[2]
> Maybe; but adding hacks to workaround a known-broken piece of
> proprietary software instead of getting the recent R300/Avivo drivers
> working properly for AIGLX seems entirely like a step backwards to me...
Well, I have just saying this to let know that the fglrx driver *cannot*
be used with AIGLX without the above hacks and at this time we don't
have Xgl in Fedora so in my eyes a choice must be done. Using XGL as a
temporary hack or making temporary hacks to let users use compiz with
AIGLX. If we don't do one of them, then we forgot a big part of the
Fedora users.

Yes, ATI driver suck for many reasons proprietary/not intensive
developed/etc... but many people have such cards and saying that we
don't care about it is just saying we don't care about a big part of our
users, I think that's not good for Fedora. I'm personally sure that many
people have switch to GNU/Linux these last year just to have a wobbly
desktop with all these eye candy stuffs. I like eye candy as a awesome
propaganda piece for the GNU/Linux desktops too.

Just my 2 cent of the day.

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