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Re: Compiz Fusion?

Hikaru Amano wrote:
On 7/2/07, Alphonse Van Assche <alcapcom gmail com> wrote:
Peter Gordon a écrit :
> On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 13:56 +0200, Alphonse Van Assche wrote:
>> To make this working compiz need to use texture copy instead of
>> texture_from_pixmap method[1] (because of the fact the fglrx driver
>> don't have support for texture_from_pixmap). That functionality can be
>> ported from beryl. Maybe a little patch to compiz must applied too[2]
> Maybe; but adding hacks to workaround a known-broken piece of
> proprietary software instead of getting the recent R300/Avivo drivers
> working properly for AIGLX seems entirely like a step backwards to me...
Well, I have just saying this to let know that the fglrx driver *cannot*
be used with AIGLX without the above hacks and at this time we don't
have Xgl in Fedora so in my eyes a choice must be done. Using XGL as a
temporary hack or making temporary hacks to let users use compiz with
AIGLX. If we don't do one of them, then we forgot a big part of the
Fedora users.

does that mean its working? or is it not? or is it working after patching?

Yes, ATI driver suck for many reasons proprietary/not intensive
developed/etc... but many people have such cards and saying that we
don't care about it is just saying we don't care about a big part of our
users, I think that's not good for Fedora.

In my place, ATi users are more than NVidia users, its a pain when
trying to promote Fedora to them .. and with fglrx is broken in F7  ..
I have no idea what to answer if they asked ..

I'm personally sure that many
people have switch to GNU/Linux these last year just to have a wobbly
desktop with all these eye candy stuffs. I like eye candy as a awesome
propaganda piece for the GNU/Linux desktops too.

+1. the Wow factor...

Just my 2 cent of the day.

back to topic ,

I just rewrote desktop-effects in .py to make use compizconfig-python ..

attached them together with this email ..

great ;)

some comments:

def env_nvidia():
   if not getoutput('xdpyinfo 2>/dev/null|grep NV-GLX') == '':
       print '* nvidia found, exporting: __GL_YIELD=nothing '
       return '__GL_YIELD=nothing '
   else: return ''

this is no longer needed when the cfs scheduler is used which is in the rawhide kernels right now and should go upstream in kernel 2.6.23.

don't just print errors like "can't start compiz" uses gtk.MessageDialog with gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR.

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