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Re: Headsup: cegui and ogre soname changing update to hit F7-updates soonish

Ian Chapman wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:

Hmm, I'm not so sure if thats a good plan. I don't like breaking soname's, no F-7 is still somewhat new. But FC-6 is by Fedora standards now proven and trusted, should we go breaking soname's there?

If there was a stack of items in the Fedora repo that depended on 0.4.x I'd be a lot less inclined, but with so few packages depending on it, I think the impact would be negligable but if you'd rather leave ogre and chess as is, I won't push for FC6.

I agree the stack within Fedora is small, I'm afraid however that people might have manually installed packages depending on this, and I don't want to cause breakage to those. I must admit chances of this happening are small though. So if there is a strong desire to upgrade for FC-6 too, then I can live with that.



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