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Re: perl-devel will be removed from the f8 buildroots

On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 12:49 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Monday 02 July 2007 12:27:33 Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> > I don't see anything wrong with a perl metapackage, perl-core.
> >
> > Would that be preferred to a yum group?
> I have a bit of a surface loathing of metapackages.
> Why is it that perl packages can't BuildRequire what they need?
Technically nothing. Practically, "customary habits".

The situation perl currently is in is comparable to X11 before its
split. People are used to certain habits and don't want to let loose.

>   Is there real 
> good reason why a seemingly arbitrary rule like "don't BR 'core' perl 
> packages" should continue to exist, especially now that there is no clear 
> distinction of what is 'core' and what isn't?
No, there isn't. I consider this perl-core package a very questionable
move - More bluntly: I hereby ask Tom to revert it.


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