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Re: Headsup: cegui and ogre soname changing update to hit F7-updates soonish

Ian Chapman wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:

I agree the stack within Fedora is small, I'm afraid however that people might have manually installed packages depending on this, and I don't want to cause breakage to those.
I must admit chances of this happening are small though.

Yes I agree that is a concern but I also feel in the few scenarios where this is the case, the same user would be capable of manually installing an updated version.

So if there is a strong desire to upgrade for FC-6 too, then I can live with that.

Well it's partly for selfish reasons because I'd find it convenient :-) But also I had a BZ request for the new version because the one that was shipping was too old. So if you can live with it, I'll go ahead.


Go ahaead, please let me know asap when cegui is build, then I'll do ogre and chess immediately after that.



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