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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

  I agree with you.  As far as desktop users, the out-of-the-box Linux
experience has to be Wow! with little demos of Wow!  The installer
Anaconda has to be flawless.  It still had some hiccups in F7 which I
think was related to libata.  Another thing in Disk Druid that I would
like to see is the ability to install on a degraded RAID-1 array where I
declare RAID-1 but then the second mirror is missing.  I install this
way all the time on systems and then when I add the second hard drive
later and place it into the array, it just syncs.  Want to go back to
just a single drive - no problem.  Just fault the device and remove it.
No complicated remounting filesystems or anything - very smooth.  This
way you're always on an md device.  I would like to see this actually
become the default.

I don't use raid setups but I plan to do some time soon and I
completely agree with you - your suggestions would be great. Maybe
this is worth staring a separate thread and lobing for it? ;)

All-in-all just make everything that's in
F7 work well so that the initial experience for new-to-Fedora folks is
really great.

I would like also to see this; especially user switcher which caused
me a lot of data and time loss! Really great idea but buggy as hell!
And then when I see they removed beagle because it was "buggy" but
work for me on lots of systems (7 desktops) I tried flawlessly - and
then fedora includes this totally new and buggy feature :(

my 2c,

add another 2c :)


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