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Re: Here are some of my ideas for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9

There was a recent discussion on this topic and the decision was to
remove Beagle from the default install because for too many users Beagle
would suck up 100% CPU and leave the machine virtually unusable. See the
archives for details.  Once Beagle matures some more and causes fewer
problems like this having Beagle in the default install can be


The beagle was disabled (I'm on bugzilla for that beagle bug and also
I was active in discussions on mailing lists when that happened) but
IMHO the reasoning that was for it to not be installed by default
would make Fedora 7 look like Fedora Core 3 if it was applied to
fedora as a whole and not only to beagle.

I have substantially tested beagle on 7 different desktops and had
ZERO problems. Also the bug in bugzilla is really vague. I have much
more problems with other features in Fedora 7; like user switcher
which, if you haven't used it, causes data losses and time losses.
When other user logs in then after some time first X session just
crashes taking all apps and all the work that has been going on there
down with it! This is a MUCH more severe bug that beagle can produce
and it is still installed by default on all Fedora 7 desktops. This is
inconsistent. Either don't include any of new fetures that aren't
rock-solid in Fedora 7, 8, 9, etc, or give us these great apps and
iron the bugs out along the was. Fedora team should have left beagle
installed an on by default and hunt down and squashed that bug.

I contacted beagle maintainers for fedora and offered them my hand in
testing if beagle is now good enough for prime time.
here is the bugzilla link:

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