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Packaging Guideline update:: Static Libraries

The static libraries changes passed two weeks ago have now been
officially written into the Guidelines[1]_.  These changes are:

1) If the library you depend on only provides a static library, you can
link to it without asking FESCo provided that your BuildRequires is for
the -devel subpackage.  BuildRequire'ing the -devel means the subpackage
will link against the dynamic library when/if it becomes available.  If
you BuildRequire the -static version you still must make your request of

2) You are now asked to add yourself to the initialcclist of any library
that you are linking to statically (whether via BR: -static or one of
the exceptions) so that you will be more aware of any security issues
that arise in the library.

[1]_: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#StaticLinkage

Thank you,

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