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Re: Parallel Booting

Bill Nottingham (notting redhat com) said: 
> - where are the benchmarks? What's the actual gain?

Not seeing any other benchmarks, I decided to test this.

Fairly standard box - P4, ata_piix, 1G memory. Stock desktop install, fully
up to date with updates and updates-testing as of this afternoon.

A 'normal' boot to gdm is about 56.9 seconds. I installed
prcsys, and edited the startup scripts to add LSB dependencies
as attached.

I then booted with prcsys and parallel init. The new boot time was...
56.3 and 56.6 seconds. 

So, for all this work, we get a 0.6%-1.1% speedup. Oh, and we get
62 AVCs from SELinux in the process. What's the point of this again?

> - how would this be useful for the case where facilities that are provided
>   are determined at runtime (say, NetworkManager providing $network instead
>   of /etc/init.d/network, or $remote_fs being provided by either rc.sysinit
>   or /etc/init.d/netfs, depending on configuration). Similarly, you may
>   want a meta-dependency for 'authorization available', which would be
>   at different times depending on whether or not you're using local
>   passwords, KRB5, etc.
> - does this work with dbus system activation?

I also don't see how it handles either of these.


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